lundi 20 septembre 2010

World Latin American Agenda 2011

Publication date: October 12, 2011
Note that this year the binding is once again with a SPIRAL (by popular demand).

Order from : Dunamis Publishers
c/o 6295, rue Alma / Montréal QC / H2S 2W2 Canada

FINAL SELL OFF: (I have only a few copies left )

This Agenda offers a fairly complete catalogue of the various aspects of the theme: the history of religions and of atheism or unbelief; the difference and complementarity between spirituality and religion; religion that encourages and justifies wars; spiritualism, fundamentalism, and alienation, which have been denounced so many times in the past and yet persist even today; the need for interreligious dialogue; macroecumenicism; the transformation of power, of wealth, and of consumerism into sacred powers; the fall of old gods and their replacement by new ones; the need, the basic thirst, for answers to the major questioning of the human heart; the search for the meaning of one’s personal life and that of human society as a whole. After all the wars and inquisitions, we are beginning to ask whether a true religion can exist by attacking, closing in on itself, and forcing an assent of faith. All religions can be true and all can contain a great deal of falsehood.
Pedro Casaldáliga

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