jeudi 12 novembre 2009

The Day It Rained: A Novella

The Day It Rained
a novella

by Richard Renshaw

Pancha never imagined that rain could cause such grief. Chimbote is a fishing port set in the coastal desert of northern Peru. An early morning rain changed her life forever, as it did also for almost everyone in the little shantytown where they eked out an existence. Hers is a story of the struggle to keep hope alive.

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samedi 30 mai 2009


For personal use however, it can be downloaded (free) here:
Dealing With Diversity (Mediafire)

Dealing with Diversity

Questions for Catholics

by Richard Renshaw

From the conclusion:
Religious people are called to cross borders, to encounter whatever is on the other side of the cultural and religious divides. Solidarity with the struggle of the Earth, of the oppressed and of the marginalized begins when we take action with those on the other side of our borders. That action repositions us, establishing new relationships both with the oppressed and with the dominant culture. This is the point where the lifestyle enclave of the dominant culture collapses and a new narrative of religion emerges.

Religious people are uniquely positioned to help bind civil society together and to draw attention to the absent voices: the environment (air, water, soil, plants and animals), racial minorities, women, children, those with mental or physical disabilities, the elderly, refugees, immigrants. As religious people we are invited into the dialogue to mediate between self, society, the natural world and ultimate reality.

The Author:
Richard Renshaw studied at the University of Notre Dame, the Gregorian University (Rome), the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa. He taught at St. Thomas University (N.B.) and at the Theology Institute for Higher Studies (Peru) as well as having served as Editor of Latin American Documentation (Lima), Assistant General Secretary of the Canadian Religious Conference and Assistant Executive Director of Development and Peace. Currently he lives in Montreal.
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Dunamis Publications
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Canada, H2S 2W2

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