dimanche 20 octobre 2013

World Latin American Agenda 2014

 2014 Digital Edition
Freely available at: http://latinoamericana.org/English

Where to order the World Latin American Agenda on paper?

For CANADA-USA (in English):
Sadie Macklin, Box 21353 Grande Prairie, AB Canada T8V 6W7
(780)539-3744; cell: (780)882-0918

In Canada: CAN$25 including mailing and taxes.
In the USA: US$28 including mailing and tax.
Other: US$35 including mailing and tax.

In Spanish:
see the editor, according to the country, at:
For the USA and Canada, please, email to
Rosario Miguelina Carmona
P.O. Box 1062
Union City, NJ 07087, USA
email: agendalatinoamericanausa@gmail.com
Facebook: Agenda LatinoAmericana USA


We deal with the topic of freedom
in all its dimensionsin the Agenda,
trying to get to know and live an integral
freedom, which has many sources, which
 is a gift and a conquest. We talk of freedom
and talk of liberation. Freedomis politic;
in our Agenda it is politic with the clear option
which Zapatistas claim: «always from below
and to the left». True freedom is communal,
an exercise of relationships that give and take.
I am free if you are free. «Thereis no freedom
without equality». Neither there is freedom
without dignity, a dignity so many times
butchered by ideologiesand systems, a
victim of individual and collectiveselfishness,
but also victorious with exemplary resistances
that open paths among bars, marginalisation,
tortures and censorship. The list of martyrs
for freedom is infinite. In each Agenda we
continue to underline the historic and critical
moment of those Great Causes, bringing and
taking «a people in our voice».     
Pedro Casaldaliga

mardi 9 avril 2013

DUNAMIS stops publishing


Dunamis Publishers will no longer publish. The corporation has been dissolved and the account closed. There still remain copies of "Toward a Planetary Theology" andl also the 2013 Agenda. These can be ordered from 6295 rue Alma, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2S 2W2 at the prices indicated but with a check made out to Richard Renshaw.

Most specifically this means that there will not be an English edition of the 2014 Latin American Agenda. Unfotunately each year the number of copies sold has been diminishing and the trend seems impermeable to change.